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Advice For Travellers

What else does my travel insurance policy cover me for?

Hijack – In the event of a hijack you can claim for up to £100 per day up to £1,000.

Missed departure – If you should miss your departure for valid reasons beyond your control you will be compensated up to £500 for Standard policies, £750 for Premier policies and £1,000 for Premier Plus policies.

Personal accident – Should you sustain permanent injury or be killed during your trip you can claim for for up to £10,000 with a Standard or Premier policy and £25,000 with a Premier Plus policy.

Personal liability – If you cause damage to another individuals property or injure to someone during your trip and are consequently sued you can claim up to £1,000,000 for Standard policies and £2,000,000 for Premier and Premier Plus policies.

Catastrophe cover – In the event of a catastrophe such as a earthquake, storm, flood or fire which affects your trip Premier Plus policy holders can claim up to £500.

Withdrawal of services – Should the supply of water, gas or electricity be stopped for more than 60 hours in your accommodation during your trip Standard and Premier policy holders can claim up to £200 and Premier Plus policy holders up to £300.

Legal expenses – You can claim for legal costs and expenses arising as a result of pursuing claims for compensation and damages resulting from your death, illness or injury during your trip.

Pet Care – Should your return be delayed for circumstances beyond your control you can claim £25 for every day of extra kennel/cattery fees you have to pay up to £300.

All claims are always subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

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